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Meet Peggy

Artist. Creator. Visionary.


Initially, Peggy was most inspired to paint beach scenes, flowers, and mountains . As time passed, she began focusing on more emotional aspects of those same subjects, such as the power of the waves to move the sand, the way the colors of the forest in spring go together so beautifully, the amazing hues of the petals of a flower, accented by mysterious shadows, or the way the breeze makes the flower heads bob as though in happy conversation. She finds color, texture, light and the blending of these in new and interesting ways inspire her in ways she never would have expected a few years earlier. She finds meaning within her paintings that go beyond a visual experience.


It's become a lot more about getting onto canvas the sensory experience in part or whole: of the power of the waves on the ocean, of smelling roses, reveling how it felt to be on top of a tall mountain. Her art is now about more than simply the visual but also the sensory experience, and she enjoys giving the viewer the chance to experience personally what she sees and is inspires her sense of wonder




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